Welcome to the Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2014

Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2014
Crasy Christamas 2014

CRAZY CHRISTMAS 2014 by Vivienne McKee

One-eyed Willy

and the Quest for the Big Chest

Hoist the Pirate Flag ! Vivienne McKee is back !! As Captain Cutthroat Kitty !!!

When tales are told of pirates and their naughty ways, Captain One-eyed Willy stands out in front ... He is the most plundering, thundering, ballsy buccaneer of them all !

He and his scurvy crew of losers, together with their foul-mouthed parrot Dick, sail the seven seas in search of adventure and gold in the smallest and smelliest ship on the waves. Our crazy cutthroat captain has one thing that sticks out and makes his rivals gasp in admiration - a HUGE beard !

He also has only one thing in his mind - to get his hands on a BIG chest.

Join Vivienne McKee & Co. and come and kick booty in the Crazy Christmas 2014. Be prepared for a silly action-packed adventure full of goofy gags, sea-shanties, swashbuckling seamen, buried treasure, home-knitted mermaids and lots of “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottles of Rum “.

“CCC - the crazy way to enjoy Christmas!“

Playing in
Glassalen, Tivoli Nov 7th 2014 - Jan 3th 2015
Musikhuset, Aarhus Jan 8th - Jan 10th 2015