Welcome to the Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2013

Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2013

Vivienne McKee and her team of crazy comedy actors present “SMARTACUS”
- "flashing his weapon against Rome !"  

This year we go back to Ancient Rome with its sleazy slave markets and gory gladiator schools. Our smartass hero,  Smartacus, lived his life like a "sandal in the wind". We watch wide-eyed as he manages to escape from bondage with a belligerent band of rebellious, salacious slaves. After years in Egypt building the pyramids or rowing eight days a week for twenty years in the galley ships, these slaves really are revolting  !  They include Russellus Crowus, - a disgraced Roman suffering from an incurable down-under feeling, a Viking Warrior, Brian Bluetooth, and a good-time girl, Nymphomania and her bunga-bunga partner, Silvius Berlusconnius, who is less gladiator and more “glad-he-ate her”. This unlikely rebel army march across the boot of Italy, kicking and treading their sandalled feet on every unlucky Roman in their path.

Rome’s Numero UNo - Nauseous Villainus Crassus , vows to destroy  the slave army and drag Smartacus to Rome to  fight in the arena in front of the notorious "thumbs -down" Emperor Caligula-la  (who is completely ga-ga ! )

It’s revolting ! It’s titillating!  
It makes Lars von Trier films look like Disney !  
Don’t miss this thrilling and hilarious tale of blood, sweat, passion, incest, sandals, sex, silly gags and bad body odour  !